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HUVUDROLL plant balls with pasta, tomato sauce, baked carrots, roasted onions and elderberry dip


Easy-to-love pasta with plant balls and other green goodies, topped with a fresh dip.

5 HUVUDROLL plant balls
50 g uncooked BÄSTISAR pasta

100 g celery
100 g fennel
200 g onions
200 g carrots
10 g garlic
5 g fennel seeds (ground)
1 g star anise (ground)
1 g black pepper (ground)
¼ g bay leaf
40 g olive oil
20 g tomato puree
3 x 400 g whole canned tomatoes
500 g vegetable bouillon
5 g salt
5 g sugar
10 g sherry vinegar

50 g peeled carrots
1 tbsp cooking oil
Salt and black pepper

1 tbsp. elderberry drink
1 tbsp. white wine vinegar
1 tsp. lemon juice
40 g vegan mayonnaise
10 g of soy yoghurt
Salt and black pepper

10 g roasted onions


Tomato Sauce
Soften finely-chopped onions, fennel, carrots, celery and garlic in olive oil. Cook on low heat without browning for about 20 minutes.
Add the spices and tomato puree. Sauté for about 5 minutes. Add the tomatoes and the water. Let simmer for about 1 hour.
Add the vinegar, sugar and salt and bring to a boil.

Oven-roasted carrots
Cut the carrots into 2 cm slices, toss with the cooking oil, season with salt and pepper and cook in oven 200°C for 15-20 minutes.Serve warm.

Elderberry dip
Mix all ingredients while stirring, seasoning with salt and black pepper.
Serve cold.